July 28 2014, 8am

tfw you want to be proud of the friends for “growing up” (eg getting a job or passing a really hard test at uni or something) but you’re too scared to talk to them let along consider them your friend anymore…

July 27 2014, 6am

niksync said: Your face is gorgeous and whoever talked shit about you will get my fist in their nose

No one fucks with nicky o-o

July 27 2014, 6am

What's your most cherished -Friend, -Cosplay - Anime Merch - con memory - RP - Phone App!

Friend ….um..i’ve got a lot of friends that i cherish. 

Cosplay God tier Jade Harley! i just love being jade so much!

Anime merch? My Kyo plush from my friend Axel he gave me like…2 christmas’s ago (i think)

Con Memory - ahhh it’s either
-Meeting Janet Varney in the bathroom (voice of Koora) after meeting her at hamilton armageddon. orr

-Showing my canadian mama around armageddon for the first time and how she reacted it was just like…SHE LOVED IT! :DDD so much! she’s going to be mother gothel :3 

Ahhhh i think one of my most MEMORABLE rps was the one i did where jade was attacked and dave basically protected her with everything he had done was just so wonderful.

Or the one where dave was mute or the one with blind jade! 

phone app -SNAPCHAT…it’s the only one i use

July 27 2014, 6am

Wow! You're way too adorable!! Thank you! Make sure you post more every once in a while. It'll mean a lot to me. uwu

Thank you mostly ^^ i really that , helped thank you!

July 27 2014, 5am